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8. September 2010


Donatien Charles Malonga (yoka mabala) was born and raised in a catholic family in Brazzaville (Kongo) and emigrated to France  at the age of thirteen.In Lille he graduated from school and finished  his education in graphic design. Music always belonged to his life, as well as writing his own lyrics. He enriches the european music scene with his passion in rythm, singing  as well as percussioning and guitar playing. His artistic career he started solo, performing french chansons.

In 1964 he founded the „Sangana five“ with Marie Blaise, Ali Nkewa, Joseph  Nganga and Fifi Mayala, which became very popular at the time. They focused on spiritual gospels and performed in major  cathedrales of  Europe (in France, Benelux countries, Germany, Switzerland …).

They played in Amsterdam at the African-Mama Festival with Manu Dibango and at the  Pan African Festival in Algier with Miriam Makeba on the same stage.

In 1975 the „sangana five“ were introduced to music producer Sylvain  by Priest Jacques Michelle in Brussels. Sylvain managed their first  LP with its hit „Batoutontele“ (1976). On invitation of the belgian radio&television  Malonga featured numerous radio- and television  broadcasts along with Salvador Adamo and Julien  Clair.

He also performed occassionally with „Black Wood“, whose song „AIE“  became a great hit.

Malonga lives in Austria since 1977 and founded his first  band  in 1979. He changed his musical style and had countless gigs  in Austria and its bordering countries. He developed „ethno style“, groovy afro soul and afro beat long before  it became hip over here.

He presented his project live along with selected musicians, who rank  among the elites of Austria. For example Martin Seimen (keyboard);  producer Tommy Böröcz, the Osinato-Boss who among other things played  the drummes with Joe Zawinul; Jaco Pastrius, who played the drums on  Falcos album „Einzelhaft“; Willi Langer (bassist) and Karl Potter  (percussion), who performed with Marvin Gaye, Herbie Hancock, Dizzy Gillespie and Diana Ross.Afro Bakuba“ also was support act for Falco, Inner Circle, Harry  Belafonte, Hans Söllner, Dr.Alban and many more. 

The very successful  album „Wasse“  (Spray Records) also originates in this period of time.  The band gained much of its  prominence due to the appearence on the Ö3 tour with Thomas Forstner and Dominic Heinzl.

With his band, Malonga was ranked 4th at the european band contest 2008 in Austria.

In 2010 Charlie Malonga decided to take a creativ pause and started 2013 a  new project called   „Sango Misiki – Afro Jazzy“,  the rhythm are Afro-Soul, Mambo, Reggae and Rumba.  There are five to seven members in the band.